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How to have a very bad day

I know many people are very talented at tooting rainbows and unicorns out of their behinds every day. You know those people who wake up and just KNOW the world is their oyster. Honestly, anyone who wants to compare their world to a shell filled with a snotty chewy creature that tastes like salty a$$ is not someone I really want to be around before noon. But those people have a place on this planet. Their place is far away from me.

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That being said, I am more of a morning person, but I’ve never claimed to be a happy morning person. Ask anybody in my CrossFit class and they will all proclaim the truth and witness to the lands. I’m there, but I do not have the functional ability to converse. And don’t ask me why my hair looks like 2 cats tangled in it all night.

But maybe I should rethink this whole thing. I wonder if the morning rainbow and unicorn tooters ever had this happen?


You can figure out the rest. This is the “before” shot.

Thankfully the car is ok and I’m ok. It literally jumped from the ditch into my driver side front panel and door. If I had hit it head on, it would have been a lot worse. It was dark, as it usually is in the country at 5am. I didn’t see it, it didn’t see me until it was too late. And this is the 3rd time this has happened. Thank goodness I was driving the speed limit, hoping to avoid the routine 5 am cop.

Folks, this is why people in Alabama, Mississippi, and Texas will chain themselves to explosives or shave off the mullets before giving up hunting rights. The deer population is so great, the state pays hunters to help thin out certain areas where traffic accidents are so numerous. Car accidents from deer outnumber those involving drinking, texting, and sleep deprivation. And keep in mind, these are usually only during a 5 month span from fall to winter.

After I finished the workout on a shaky stomach and drained blood glucose, I managed to slip in the shower, drop my socks in the shower when I reached in to get my water bottle (yes, I drink in the shower), and totally forgot to finish progress reports at school. The day got better when I got home, got a hug, and stuffed myself with carbs. Then I started spouting fairy dust.


I got the memo that tomorrow is Friday. It better not be a joke.

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Saturday 11th of February 2012

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