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How I do Valentine’s Day


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and #3. I have big red hair. All stereotypes are true…

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I’m all about saving money.

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Let’s  face it, he won’t have to try hard.

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We’ve been married for a few years and do not have kids. He’s one romantic fool and I have zero complaints in that department. When he called this morning (he worked night shift so we didn’t see each other until after schools), he said “I didn’t forget valentine’s day. You’re getting a roof today”.

Let me just say, that and the steak dinner were all I needed. The house is moving fast and who doesn’t love a grilled steak??

But then I walked in the shop and saw all the pieces to a mailbox.

Want to know why I had actual feelings when I saw it?? Feelings that might have caused some allergy or something hinky with my eyes??I said ONCE over a year ago that I hoped to get a better mailbox after the house is finished. Ours is rickety and small. I wanted a bigger one. He remembered that and built a new one today, after working a full night shift AND he didn’t lose any appendages with the saw thing.

That’s why he won’t have to try too hard Winking smile

Happy Valentine’s day, however you wish to celebrate/ignore.

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