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Have a cup of cheer.

Or have about 30 cups. It’s a small collection I like to have hanging around when the mood strikes me.


WHAT A CRAZY DAY!!!! It’s supposed to be a day of rest, but this is Sunday heading into the last week of school before Christmas. Next week is full of parties, crafts, ornaments, and oh yeah…a field trip TOMORROW. To Birmingham. 1.5 hours away from school. With 80-something 5-year olds. CRAZY.

This afternoon, I had a bit of this. Hot chocolate with a hint of cayenne and cinnamon. It was very delightful and I would have enjoyed a big nap to go with it, but not enough elves in this house to do all the work.

hot chocolate

By the way, let me just share this little gem. Last week, we had Hat day at school. Instead of my usual Alabama ball cap, I decided to break out the Warrior Dash horns. It was awesome.

2013-11-25 17.15.01

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