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Happy Trails–20 reasons why

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I’ve been running for over 8 years and ever since my first trail race, I’ve been hooked on running trails. I’m very fortunate to live close to a great trail system in the local state park and within easy driving distance to some elevation in the Red Mountain area of Birmingham. Below, I’ve listed some things that make trail running…unique but still special to the technical trail running that I love so much.

20. snakes. I don’t mind snakes and it makes for interesting stories.
19. squirrels. They throw things at me, but you can’t find such adventures on the road.
18. leaves and twigs. Cool if you’re into botany.
17. tree roots. That’s how I got my mean calves 😉 Dodging tree roots
16. gravel. Hey, if you’re going to bust it and get trail rash, a fine pea gravel makes for more interesting stories and you’ve got evidence.
15. nature’s port-a-potty. No comment. But #18 can be especially helpful. or so I’ve heard.
14. canopy. Even when it’s raining, I’m usually nice and dry because of the jungle-like canopy. I won’t mention the sauna it creates because this is a list of HAPPY things.
13. privacy. Just in case you need it.
12. hills. my favorite.
11. single track. now we’re gettin to the good stuff.
10. trail shoes. I feel extra kick-assish when I’m wearin’ em.
9. hat. gotta have a trail hat to help with those bugs that like to swarm your eyes.
8. trail skirt. Yep. I have a trail running skirt and I love it.
7. bugs. taste like scratchy wiggly things. extra protein.
6. Garmin elevation tracker. I like seeing the little cursor moving up and up and up.
5. 4Runner. Yes, I chose my vehicle with top priority being able to go off road and still drive my sore butt around on a cushy ride. I love loading up the back of the 4runner with stuff I may or may not need. Then driving with the sunroof and music blaring.
4. trail mix. mmmmm
3. silence. when the woods are silent, it’s a special thing.
2. noise. when the woods are talking, it’s a special thing.
1. It’s where my heart is.

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