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Happy Mon..Never Mind. Just Survive it.


Look who is back? I didn’t fall off the earth, but I did almost get kicked out of Home Depot. The office is 80% finished and all that is left is the organizing and decorating, which is my favorite part. And the laptop spent the week safely stored away in a closet so the dust, paint, and debris wouldn’t get sucked in it. I took more careful attention to my laptop than I did my cat. But at least Frankie can find higher ground or a bed to crawl under.

If I can survive the Monday after Spring Break with a room full of kids that were mostly bored the whole week, I’ve got some great re-caps, race updates, general “what does the new space look like”, Paleo FX info (2 weeks!), oh, and a new blog makeover. I’m a little excited about that one. It’s going to be either people love it or hate it. I happen to love it so I’m sticking with it. Winking smile 

Have a great day!

Sunday snoozing W30:D21
Let’s go running