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Happy Halloween

2018-10-31 13.24.53

We did this at school today!

A few years ago, I decided to carve a pumpkin with kindergarteners and I look forward to it every year.  I teach at a school with kids who live in poverty, are transient, and have few early childhood experiences. Some of my kids had carved a pumpkin before today. Many had never seen or touched a pumpkin.

2018-10-31 12.28.05The excitement started when they found this in the class mailbox this morning! These little tools actually help a lot with carving.

Other than checking out the guts of a pumpkin, we had a fun day. The reactions to this pan of goop were hilarious!

2018-10-31 13.25.14

After a day of keeping kids nailed to the floors and off my ceiling, I spent a couple of hours doing this……substitute plans. I’m out of here for the next 2 days and the weekend!

2018-10-31 17.21.41

And as soon as we come back, I have big plans for the house. The pumpkins are going upstairs and the trees are coming down. Can. Not. Wait.

2018-10-31 14.15.292018-10-31 09.57.27

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