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Happy Birthday to Me!


It’s the best day to have a birthday, in my opinion. Everyone is in a great mood. And also…parades.


It was a fantastic day. I got some great cards from friends.

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And Stephen came up with this. First, we are going to AUSTIN!!!


I’m so excited about this! He and I will head to Austin after a (hopefully) uneventful dr. appt. Then we will have 3 days of everything Paleo. I’m hoping to meet some of my favorite authors, chefs, and experts in the Paleo world, get some new books, take a workout class, etc.

Next? Here is a hint.


I’m getting my own home office. We are finally getting all of our stuff out of the “junk room” and after some paint and furniture, turning it into my home office. I’ll get all my race medals and bibs in their own place (got an idea cooking…and I didn’t find it on Pinterest. I saw something in Home Depot and it’s cheap!), I’ll have some of my photography framed and some posters I’ve had my eye on for a while. I have Celtic design that has been on my mind for awhile. I’ll keep a place by the window for my photography set-up but with a storage unit as my flat surface and a place to hold my props like boards, fabrics, etc. One area will be a very tightly mainstreamed area for my teacher supplies. And lastly, a custom built-by-Stephen unit for my desk. I have wanted my own “working” area since we moved. I often lug my laptop from the bedroom to the kitchen to the living room. However, I am very picky about designated spaces. Working, researching, blogging is not for the bedroom. The kitchen is a good place, but very distracting since that is basically the heart of the house. The living room is where we are trying to watch movies and shows so my blogging is very disjointed unless he’s watching a scary movie and then I tune it all out Winking smile.

So, how did Whole 30 go for my birthday? Not bad at all. I didn’t have cake or cupcakes since I didn’t feel like making anything yesterday. I went out with friends after work and had some chips to go with my steak fajitas with no tortillas. It was good and I didn’t really miss any big celebration since my family will get together later in Easter. I’ll have a cupcake then!


Breakfast: Sunrise Scramble (recipe later)

Lunch: I had chicken tortilla soup at home. I took a half day off for my birthday.

Dinner: steak fajitas.

Snacks: not hungry AT ALL.

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