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Halfway there

Wednesday started off chilly and clear which prompted me to break out the oats. I wish I loved them during the summer, but they are hard to choke down when it’s boiling outside. But cool mornings are a different story. 

When I started doing some research into gluten free living, I believe oatmeal was the most controversial. Some people insist that the actual oat does not contain gluten. Some people insist that the oat plant of today has been cross bred with wheat that all oats do contain gluten particles. Other people insist that the labeling is the problem. Obviously if you pick up a carton of oats, you will not read “wheat” anywhere but that does NOT mean gluten free. I’m in the camp of people that believe if oats are grown away from wheat,barley, or rye and processed in a wheat free fascility, then they can be gluten-free. 
So once again, I’m depending on Bob and his Red Mill. I’ve read the information and not only does he have wheat free facilities including wheat free utensils, bowls, packaging, and assembly lines, but he guarantees the oat crop itself has not been contaminated. That’s a bold statement. And I’m trusting it. 

This was so good and I’m so glad to have oats back in my life. 

Today was a very long day. Nothing major was going on, just a long slow day. I did manage to bring plenty of food for the day.

Leftover taco soup
strawberries and yogurt
turkey and cheese
I keep packets of almond butter and Amazing Grass at school. 
I crashed hard early. It was one of those deep sleeps that when Frankie woke me up, I was so disoriented  I thought it was morning and I was late. Nope, it was only 8:30 and I still had not cleaned up or made my lunch. Or dragged in the school bag weighing slightly more than a baby walrus. The bag stayed in the car all night. I just couldn’t make myself do school work. 
Time for real sleep. Thursday is waiting. 

Fall has arrived!
The edge of glory, Thursday randoms