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Groundhogs v. NWS


Groundhog Day is a fun day for a kindergarten teacher. We watched the video of this morning’s festivities in Punxsutawney, PA when Phil came out and indeed saw his shadow. I’m not really sure how that worked since the weather on TV looked grey and cloudy, but I’m not one to argue with a bunch of men in top hats. Since he did see his shadow, count on 6 more weeks of winter. Or, if you live in the Southeast USofA, maybe we might actually get a winter over the next 6 weeks. This winter has been non-existent. I’ve had my air conditioner on more than my heat. And the power bill shows it.

Some news organizations were blasting poor Phil by saying he’s only been accurate 40% of the time.  But, hey, it’s just for fun. Everybody knows that if you want to know about the severity and length of winter, you have to look at just how wooly the Wooly Bear Caterpillar has become. If he’s really wooly, grab the skis. If he’s just run of the mill wooly, get the garden ready to plant in February.

The National Weather Service isn’t saying much on when the pattern will tilt and bring in some arctic air. I’m sure if and when it happens, we will all go a little..or a lot…crazy in the head and do some dastardly deeds like this.

milkbread copy

That, my friends, was done based on the prediction that we might get a dusting of snow, therefore bringing a complete collapse of all major infrastructure and way of life. Martial law is declared over a dusting. As far as that creepy thing peeking from the shelf, I have no idea.

My predictions? I usually don’t predict, I just anticipate with the giddiness like a champ on Christmas morning. But if one held a beet to my mouth, I will say that we will have some winter mischief around V-day. I would much rather celebrate snow than a holiday with a mascot of creepy nekkid angels.  If not then, I’m hanging up the snow hope and hitting the spray tan booth.

Now I’m off to make a new snow dance. I’m leaning towards the “get low” version of Betty White in the Proposal.

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