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Green thumbs lead the way to Snow’s Bend Farm

The garden is slowly growing! We really need the neighborhood cats to stop digging up the plants if we want food. Frankie’s species doesn’t seem to be as well-behaved as he is. He wouldn’t dare do anything so tacky as to dig in a garden that wasn’t his. I’ve seen the glares he gives them when they come over to check him out.

But the sprinkler/hydration system that Stephen put together is going to be a big help.

garden garden2 garden3 garden4

The potted herbs are really taking off! The mint is in the pot by itself. That stuff is worse than Alabama Kudzu at taking over everything.

herbs herbs2 herbs3

One thing we are excited to participate in is our local Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), Snow’s Bend Farm. A CSA is a way for consumers to help financially support a local farm and receive a share of the produce on a regular basis. We will get a basket/bag of fresh seasonal produce every week.

After really crunching numbers on our budget and realizing how much money we spent each week at the grocery store for produce that comes from all over EXCEPT Alabama, we looked into supporting our local farmers. I found out about Snow’s Bend from Courtney and David. Courtney is the sweet lady behind Cookin’ Up Life and David is one of our CrossFit instructors. Seeing her produce pictures each week really got me to thinking about how to eat local fresh produce and how to plan meals around more vegetables and less meat. We are not vegetarians by any means, but we both love vegetables. I’ve been slowly increasing the number of meatless meals each week to about 3 nights a week. Through the harvest from Snow’s Bend, I really think we will enjoy a larger variety of vegetables and learn to eat more seasonally. We get our first basket on Tuesday!

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F is for Friday and Fitfluential Ambassadors!
Week 1 Weigh-In

Courtney @ Cookin Up Life

Sunday 6th of May 2012

Yah this post made my day!!! Woohoo for yummy and local produce!