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Goodbye Wyoming 2011

  Last day in Yellowstone

Frozen lake in June




Grand Teton lake


Old Faithful


The one day I didn’t wear a hat


The house we rented for a week.


The balloon on the morning we all packed up and went in 3 different directions even though we all live within an hour of each other in Alabama. Some were going home, some to the other side of the continental divide, and some to another condo in Jackson Hole.


And after this delightful scene, we rode in a car for 9 hours to stay in a hotel next to the Denver airport.

And about an hour away from Birmingham, the plane encountered “turbulence”. By turbulence, I mean the plane jerked from one side to the other so fast people fell out, kids screamed and threw up, adults screamed, and I clawed my nails off. I’m used to up and down roller coaster turbulence. This was not it.

Then the pilot announces in a frat-boy like manner “Yo, we’ve got some storms so I’ll try that approach again. No big deal if I don’t make it, we will just go to Jackson (Mississippi) and refuel and come on back”.

WHAT??? Do that again???????

(repeat approach and jerking from side to side, flip on the side, more people scream and fall and scream and I think I may have been one of them)

Pilot: “Well I guess we won’t go directly to Birmingham, we’ll take a slight detour to Jackson, refuel and be back to Birmingham in a couple of hours. Just sit back and enjoy the ride”

When we land in Jackson, they open the door but we aren’t at a gate. I called my mom who works within seeing distance of the airport and tell her what’s going on. All I want to do is get off the plane and have her drive us to Birmingham. But of course, we can’t do that. They won’t let us off the plane.

So, refuel, and try again.

We made it this time. 3 hours late. And it’s hotter than the armpit of lowest troll in hell.

What a way to return from a glorious vacation.

But I have the memories to keep me occupied. 🙂 Between all the snow, the hiking, the food, the half-marathon, Yellowstone, and time with family I can and will not complain. This trip was better than I could have imagined.

Going on a bear hunt! Yellowstone 2011
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