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Goal–sleep by 9:30

I think lack of sleep makes me ugly. I really do. Purple eyes, dehydrated skin, and butt ass tired. I didn’t get to bed until about 1. I had to get up around 6 but snoozed until 6:30. I didn’t have time to run, but I did manage a fabulous breakfast. However, the rest of the day was just trying to stay awake. It’s so not fun to bypass some retail therapy to go home so I can safely crash.

Fasting B.S. 184–yeah, lack of sleep and stress makes me sick inside, too. That’s ridiculously too high. The room smelled like nail polish remover.

Breakfast-apple, bacon, cheese fritatta. I cooked one with 2 eggs + 2 whites and could only eat half. It was really good, though.

Snack- half a carton of greek strawberry yogurt-no added sugar.

Lunch-leftover collards/ham/beans. Much better leftover!

Snack- raw cashews, cheese stick

Dinner-grilled tilapia, green beans with mushrooms, brown rice with some garlic and zucchini thrown in.

Looking at my meals lately, I’ve severely cut out sodium.  I don’t need it and it’s in almost all canned food. I drained and rinsed my beans for dinner last night and didn’t add any back in. I used low sodium bacon too.

R.R- 2 miles tonight. very slow but felt great.


It’s 9:28. I will be in bed in ten and I NEVER have a problem falling asleep once I hit the pillow. Tomorrow, run then a new oatmeal experiment….

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