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Getting out there on a Monday.

~ Yesterday was rough! My head decided to welcome back a ton of pressure. Even my jaws were hurting.

~ Bought new running shoes! And I’m going for a minimal shoe since I’ve been running a little in my crossfit shoes and I took the custom orthotics out of my old running shoes. I’ve always been a midfoot striker so the transition has been relatively easy.

~ I’m watching the calories again this week. Last week, I found some surprises. Like…I’m not eating enough calories. I’m under 1200 and even lower on days I workout. Could be why the scale is not budging. And I need more protein.

~ No crossfit this morning. The WOD is 150 wall balls. I may feel like doing that this afternoon, but I have a run planned anyway. I do want to do the CrossFit Games first workout this week. I know it won’t count for the leaderboard, but I want to do it now that I’m (HOPEFULLY) getting better.

~ Yay for yogurt. Boo for massive amounts of antibiotics that do not seem to be working. Yay for vitamins and Amazing Grass. Boo for Hot and Spicy Cheeze Its. Those things got the sinuses draining quick! But they travel straight to my ass, apparently.

~ Happy Monday.


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A gentle nudge to the metabolism


Monday 27th of February 2012

I know. I went back and even padded some of the items that I wasn't sure about, like school cafeteria green beans that obviously had no oil in them because they were squeaky. I was shocked because I assume I'm eating a metric ton of food because I sneak a coke or some cheeze its every so often. I've got to tell my brain to STFU and stick to stats for awhile.


Monday 27th of February 2012

whoa! under 1200 calories?! how are you not keeling over?? I would be dead!