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Get Stuff Done April

2018 Get Stuff Done april

I can’t believe how fast 2018 is flying by. It’s time for some spring cleaning, clearing, and activity. I think this month will be a month to skip a lot of goals and just breathe for a while. I know school will be mass chaos for the next few weeks until summer and I doubt I will spend a lot of spare time working on anything else.


  1. Pantry de-clutter. I need to get some bins and labels ASAP. The laundry room (which we pass through multiple times) is already looking too cluttered. The pantry shelves are a thing of beauty. The Laundry shelves are another story.
  2. My workout closet needs organizing and sorting. I got the entire room organized last month and all that’s left is organizing the closet.
  3. Living Room bookshelves. My reading corner is my favorite place now to blog, read, and chillax. I need to bring my ever-growing hardback book collection to the shelves in that corner and make it more easily used.

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  1. Pinterest. I have an online course I purchased to use along with Tailwind. I need to actually read it and utilize some tips. Pinterest if by far the largest source of hits to my recipes and I do absolutely nothing to promote or encourage that growth.


  1. Keto full force ahead. It’s time to stop fiddling around and kick the sugar dragon. I have all the resources and gorgeous kitchen waiting for me to make some magic happen.
  2. Meal prep 2 weekends. This has worked great for me all year so far. Keto-flu

April is going to be a great month. I hope to finally be done with allergy season and be able to spend time outside. School is winding down. We are getting closer and closer to Colorado!

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