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Friday Favorites 14~Marathon Training Gear


With winter waiting around the corner, even for Alabama, race training is at a standstill since I’m fighting off strep throat, sinus infection and now bronchitis. Since I refuse to give into lack-of-training depression, I might as well mention a few things I WAS using a couple of weeks ago. To run long, I have to have dependable shoes, clothing, and safety gear. A quick 3-4 miles is no problem. I can get away with emergency tights and tshirt from a bootcamp class a year ago crammed in the back of the 4Runner. 6-7 miles after school when it’s starting to get dark is a whole new story. Some of these I have had the opportunity to try and review through FitFluential and they will have their own separate detailed review at a later date.

1. Capri Running Tights.


A few years ago, on a very rare Nike sale, I bought 2 pairs of these capri tights. I actually bought 1 pair of these and 1 pair of another style of Nike tights. After trying both, I went back and got another pair of these. For 3 years, I have used these 2 pairs of tights for most running and CrossFit workouts. Yes, I do a lot of washing. 2 pair. I would love to have 4 more, but I cannot find them anymore. They are the PERFECT balance of spandex to keep everything in place and also, no see-through issues.  There is NO PILLING. I do not, nor have I ever, been the owner of a “thigh gap”. My thighs touch. And where they do, I have smooth spandex. No worn seams. No fabric pills. They have reflective strips on the bottoms and sides for these late afternoon runs. The zippered pocket in the back holds my keys.

I now have a new pair of tights to add to my rotation. I received these Athleta Relay tights. I was hoping for a good pair of back-up tights to use for shorter runs or random spin classes. After a few uses, these are just as amazing as my Nike. These 3 are used exclusively. I will have more details on Athleta soon after I give them a few more uses.


2. Shoes


I was really hoping my Saucony Fastwitch would make the leap from half-marathon to marathon. I was not so lucky. Actually, a new pair of Fastwitch might would have worked, but my 1 and only pair had a lot of miles on them. So, I looked outside the minimalist line to a more supportive but stable shoe. The Pro-Grid GUIDE 7 fit my needs perfectly. After my last half marathon, I developed a throbbing top-of-foot pain that only shows up when running. I have ruled out a stress-fracture. I have not ruled out extensor tendonitis. I’m treating it for a tendon injury and the stability shoes are helping with this.

3. Foam Roller

This nifty little torture device is crucial to keeping IT band problems from arising. The absolute best case scenario is running+heavy lifting/explosive power sets in CrossFit+foam roller=very happy and injury-free runner.  I foam roll like it’s my job. 

And there is my bare minimum must haves for long distance training.

Happy Running!

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