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Friday Favorites March

2018 Friday Favorites

This is a new month and new round up of favorite things. While it doesn’t include my  recent lifeline items like Mucinex D,  lotion Puffs tissues, and Lysol wipes, I have actually been rounding up some good items between the flu fog. Check these out.

1. New in the Teacher closet. Read Across America is growing in popularity each year and so are the shirts. RAA is celebrated on March 2nd, the day of Dr. Seuss’ birthday. Nationwide, schools participate in reading activities and celebrations. Our school really goes all out with book parades, guest readers, hallway decorating contests and our Adopt-A-School appreciation lunch. It’s a big fun week at school and I decided to ditch the “professional” teacher code (insert eyeroll here. Nothing about professional dress is appropriate in a kindergarten classroom). Check out my 2 new shirts.

 2018-02-27 06.58.21

2018-02-26 18.54.34

2. Book subscription box. This is the second box and I loved it more than the first. I receive 2 autographed copies of new or soon-to-be-release books and some cool gifts to go with them. This is the Romance Reveal box from Cratejoy. So far, the gifts have included candles, chocolate, coloring book/pencils, notecards, bookmarks, and bath salts. The featured authors include some of my absolute favorites like Kristen Ashley and Shayla Black. It’s a very impressive list of veteran and new authors. I can’t wait to see what March brings.

2018-02-17 14.12.26

3. See how I started out with virtuous Kindergarten teacher stuff, then mentioned something a little edgy like romance books but didn’t actually show the book covers? Yeah, I’m not the typical teacher. That brings me to Whiskey. Death Wish Coffee (my absolute favorite brand of strong coffee) released Irish Creme whisky coffee. It was destined to be mine. I only wish they sold the read thing. The smell of this stuff melts my bones. I get it honest, so no regrets. Red hair, Irish holiday birthday, this is destiny.

 2018-03-05 19.44.42

4. The wonders of Rae Dunn. I don’t really get it. I mean, yes, It’s like the staple of farmhouse chic. Having just built an actual entire farmhouse, from foundation to loft to 56’ long front porch, it’s not just a decoration style for me. It’s our home. So, I have been seeing these Rae Dunn dishes on IG lately and in some planning groups and decided to check them out.

Unfortunately, they seem to be only available at TJ Maxx, Marshals, and Home Goods. We have 1 of those in Tuscaloosa. The other bad part? You have to dig and shelf dive for these and put a lot of effort into shopping days and restocking times. I’m just too lazy for that.

The good news? Ebay and Amazon will sell them to me. Not as cheap, but I’m very picky in my preferences and unless they come out with more mugs with sayings like these, I’m good for now. I’ve got one more on the way: Be Bold.  These 3 words tie in perfectly to my favorite quotes.

2018-03-06 15.47.092018-03-07 21.18.57-1

5. Move over, La Croix. Target’s Simply Balanced and Dasani’s Sparkling Water have just about wiped out La Croix in the sparkling water competition. While we loved LaCroix for a few years, the price is now too steep in comparison to these other 2 brands. Simply Balanced flavors are amazing. Dasani’s lemon and lime have a cleaner crisper flavor than LaCroix and the new flavors of Blood Orange and White peach are fantastic. I really hope LC can bring the price down to more competitive level and introduce some new flavors. Their recent Key Lime was dismal fail.

imageimage2018-03-04 09.55.39

That’s it for early March. Bring on the spring, the festivities, the lazy days of spring break, and the warm days of sparkling water after some outdoor fun.

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