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Friday Favorites 11: Country Music edition


country music

There is something about the summer in the South that brings out the best in country music. I grew up with Miss 103 on the radio and some of my best memories of high school include the breakout of Garth, Alan Jackson, Shania, and the always awesome Tim McGraw. My preferences in music expanded in college and now, at 30-something, I love it all. Country, alternative, heavy metal beyond the hair bands of the 80’s, and some rap/hip-hop for great running cadence. I have moods to my music and summer is almost exclusively a country mood.

When it’s this hot, there isn’t much to do but fly down a road with the sunroof open and loud music blaring. Or hanging out on barefoot, blue-jean night with the grill going and back porch dining. Or maybe head to the lake and do a little fishin’ in the dark and whatever else may happen in the dark Winking smile 

It was past time to update the music on my phone. Thanks to Pandora, I found some fantastic new country music this summer. Some of it is mushy and romantic and I don’t apologize. Some of it is Southern pride. Some is just good music that I’m slightly ashamed I like….Taylor Swift. What is it about this girl that makes me download her songs???? I have tried for 3 years to show adequate disdain for her. But even though she can’t carry a tune in a bucket, she’s got some catchy stuff and she works hard to write her own songs and put on AMAZING live shows that you wouldn’t be embarrassed for your daughter to attend. So, I’m finally going to be a big girl and admit I like Taylor Swift songs. A lot of them. sigh.

“Loving him is like driving a new Maserati down a dead-end street” Girl, preach it.


Tim McGraw. Wow. Talk about a complete turnaround. A couple of years, he decided to quit drinking because his girls were old enough to see it and he wanted to be a better dad and husband. He worked off the booze in the gym and now he’s all buffed up and putting out some great music.

“A southern girl’s mama probably taught her how a lady should act But a southern girl’s probably got a barn somewhere out back” Oh yes. Definitely.


Eli Young Band. I noticed these guys back when they did Even If It Breaks Your Heart. Amazing song with a catchy tune. Now I keep an eye out for their music. This one below is a huge PSA: Don’t drink and call your ex/wife/husband/friend/mom/dad/preacher/etc. Just don’t.

“I got a little drunk last night There’s something ’bout a midnight rain” …on a hot summer night.


Luke Bryan. I’m a HUGE fan of most of his stuff. Serious fan. I may have even posted this one, but it’s worth another one.  This one has hilarious lyrics.

“you’re a big rain cloud over my boat” hahahahahahaa


And finally, this one really got to me. I’ll keep most of my thoughts on this to myself, but wow. WOW. This song will come up again in a few weeks.

“What’s your all time high, your good as it gets? Your hands down best ever make-up sex? What’s your guilty pleasure, your old go to? Well if you asked me, mine would be you”
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