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Friday Favorites 30



It’s FRIDAY!!! And, it’s best Friday ever. Spring break began at 2:25 because that’s when my teaching time ended and my dismissal duty began. I could sit down and breathe for a bit while a bunch of kids went home. I’ve got 9 days to get myself back together. I feel like I’ve come apart at all seams and my brain has melted on the hot Alabama asphalt.


It doesn’t have to be the lady behind you. It could be the lady or man way up front, because I can hear peppermint wrappers over everything else in this world.

What else am I liking this week?

1. Essential Oil mail day.

I don’t always stalk the mail, but when I do, it’s usually waiting for my hippie oils. I have big plans for these bottles of goodness. The vetiver and cedarwood are for my “focus” blend. The grapefruit and lime because they smell good and jazz up my plain water. I’m still using Thieves EVERY DAY because I’m afraid to jinx the 3 months of success I’ve had using it. I’ve had 1 sinus infection and I did not fill the antibiotic script. I also have avoided the flu, stomach virus, strep, and random kid viruses that have saturated my kindergarten classroom.


2. Bricks.

Yes, I said bricks. This picture is awful but the lighting was awful anyway. We are putting brick along the bottom 3 feet of the house and these arrived today. It seems like years since I picked this color out. I wanted a crimson red (around here, we call it “roll tide red”) with plenty of chalk white markings. I do believe this is it! It won’t be as red saturated as some of the other colors, but I really wanted the movement with the white markings. I have never wanted a brick house, but if we weren’t building a traditional farmhouse in the middle of the country, I could see this being all over a brick house.


Here is the actual color. I can’t wait to see it on the house.


3. “Work pants”

If my principal ever reads my blog, all my secrets are going to be brought into the light.

I have issues with real work pants. The issue is, I hate them. I usually buy pants a size bigger so I can freely move around. I’m on the floor with kids. I’m moving quickly down the halls, rushing from one place to another, etc. Cutesy fashionable clothes may work for some teachers, but most of us in Kindergarten (even the brand new teachers) have very similar needs: flowy, stretchy, comfortable, and easy to replace if needed. That’s not saying we look like 1950’s school marms with polyester stuff. We have stretchy skinny pants, plenty of flannel, long LONG cardigans over stretchy tank dresses, Tshirts-that-pass-as-real-shirts, and then THESE!

HIKING PANTS! That means they are super stretchy, breathable, and they keep their shape over and over. I have 4 pairs of these and I can easily wear them all in one week. Columbia, take all my money.


This is another short one. I’m going to redirect my favorites to things I already use AND things I want to try. I’m making this feature more of a “things I love and would love to try”. Until next week, Happy Friday!

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