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Friday Favorites 33


Tis the Season. Even if Fall is just beginning, I’ve had a few fall things secretly hiding around the RV. The first is obviously a candle. I can’t exactly display my Basic card without a fall candle or 3.

Bath and Body works has received most of my attention and funds this year. Sweater Weather is one that nobody can duplicate. Yankee hasn’t even tried, yet. That’s okay because the coupons are everywhere and often for B&BW. 2017-07-29 11.44.06

Next up is my Eagle Creek bag. I received this as a Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Ambassador. This bag has quickly become my favorite daily gym bag. Whether I’m running before or after school, this bag holds it all. It has a wide bottom so my stuff can spread out for easy reach but at the same time, the bag stays in place. I HATE it when bags roll over and my gear spills out. I lose more things that way. Thank you Eagle Creek!

2017-07-10 09.04.29

Fizzy Bath bombs that work like Magic 8 ball. Here is how they work:

1. Throw the thing in the bath water and let it work its magic.

2. Ponder the world and think of a deep question that could alter your path in life. Ask this question out loud.

3. A waterproofed answer rises to the surface.

2017-08-08 20.52.12

Garmin 25. This is my daily watch. I charge once a week and it stays on my wrist. It counts my daily steps as well as GPS location for my training runs with pace, distance, and time. My fancy garmin was stolen along with my first Garmin 25. I was able to replace the 25 immediately but I’m dragging my feet on saving up for the updated Forerunner. This one is meeting all my needs right now as well as being my daily watch.

2017-07-10 07.53.02

That’s all for this edition. Happy Friday!

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