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Football is BACK!!

And it’s a going to be a great year for Alabama. I’ve said it many times and I’ll say it again. Every program has its ups and downs. The years when the football program is “rebuilding” are tortuous. The excitement for fall football is still there, but knowing deep down that the team is just not ready for big wins makes the watching not as exciting. I have vivid memories of the rebuilding years while I was living in Tennessee…which coincidentally was also during the years when Tennessee was having a fantastic run with Payton Manning.

But all that has changed and now, Alabama is riding high coming off a year where we won the National Championship just a few months ago. But now I’m having horrible flashbacks to the year after our last NC, 2010. We won the NC for the 2009 season so we started the ‘10 season as giddy as they get. And got our butts handed to us by South Carolina. The rest of the year was terrible knowing we were out of NC contention and possibly a good bowl contention.

So here we are, 1 game down, a few more to go. I’ve been counting down the days until the first home Alabama game since we got back from vacation in June. Those hot miserable weeks between Colorado and September are the worst weeks of the year for me. All that is past and now we are RACING into the best parts of the year!!

Roll Tide. Here’s to a great year!


Sassy is ready! She got a new tag this year.


My cup (just need some chilly weather) and Frankie’s blanket all fluffed for him.


Tuscaloosa news for Gameday. Gameday is a hometown holiday for Ttown.



Got to show my team pride around the ‘hood.


Tailgating for home games is an art form here. Even though today was not a huge game, it was important enough to cover the Quad with tents and activities for the kids.

The best stadium in the nation. Yes I’m biased and I make no apologies for that 🙂

tailgate1 tailgate3 tailgate5 tailgate4 tailgate6

Game 2 is in the books!

Alabama over Western Ky by a score of 35-0.

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Friday 21st of September 2012

I have to admit, each time I'm in Tuscaloosa when there is a home game, I ALWAYS run to the mall while the game is playing. I can get in, get what I need and get out, or even enjoy some browsing time all alone :) My husband and I are trying to work it out to be in T-Town for homecoming weekend this year and my father-in-law is getting an old Cushman (I believe it is a Cushman) golf cart that he stores for the university, that was used during (maybe by) Bear Bryant when he was coach. If he can get it running well, he may ride it in the parade!


Tuesday 2nd of October 2012

Oh how fun! My goal is to actually GET to the parade this year. :) And yes, the Bear is the legend for us in T-town. :)