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Foodbuzz Health Contributing Editor—I’ve been chosen!

Foodbuzz is the third largest food property site on the net—behind Food Network and All Recipes—-> CLICK ME. Not only that, but it’s growing by leaps and bounds. I decided to start hosting my own blog site so I could participate in the Featured Publisher program and have more flexibility with my blog. I’m so glad I did. This place has a wealth of information from other food bloggers. Yes, I do earn money but right now, it’s maybe 2 bucks a month. That’s not why I went into food blogging. Since I’ve started posting my nutrition and workout/running details, I feel better. I just feel better when I eat better. Plain and simple.


So, imagine my excitement when Foodbuzz chose me to be a Contributing Health Editor. They sent an email to all publishers asking them to participate in the new Health Section. Foodbuzz has 7 sections and the newest one is Healthbuzz. They needed credentialed health professionals to be one of 12 Featured Editors. They will feature 1 Featured Editor each month.  That’s not me. They also needed about 200 specialized Contributing Health Editors. That’s me!! They reviewed my blog content and decided I had something to offer the health community! I’m very excited about this. What this means is that each week, I’ll post information in the area of diet/nutrition, fitness, recipes, or specialty diet. I have already posted previous blogs on healthy snacks, greek yogurt, flax, diabetic information for workouts and fueling, races, etc.

Check out the main page. Healthbuzz.


So, thanks for reading!!


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