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Finding more halls to deck

2015-12-04 14.49.53

First, the school door dilemma is no longer a dilemma. I made a Grinch hand holding an ornament and posted a thoughtful quote. Done. On to the next area that needs some help.

I need everybody’s attention. I have an announcement. I will NOT invite the Elf on the Shelf to come visit the classroom this year. The main reason: I’m tired of that creepy thing. About the only thing cool I would do with it is this:

2015-12-03 10.14.05

Reason #2

2015-12-03 06.36.58

Now to some real areas that are lacking in my house. I finally found enough tinsel to tangle around my hearth and mantle. I love lights and heights and trees. Too bad that it only took me 9 years to perfect this area and we are selling the house asap after the holidays. Hopefully, I can convince Stephen to make sure the new house has a giant mantle and real fireplace so I can dazzle it up for the holidays.

2015-12-04 20.02.12-2

And that brings me to this:

All I want for Christmas is new running shoes because I have races to run! Base building is coming along fabulously, so it’s time to fish or cut bait. I need new shoes and I’m surfing the sales daily. I’m very partial to Saucony brand and I still have 3 pair stocked away that I can begin a new rotation. I just need backups.

Like these Fastwitch

Or….these Kinvaras

Image result for saucony women kinvara 6

Maybe Santa will be kind and bring both. If not, well, there is always digging into the shoe fund that is collecting dust.

Onward to more December fun!

SEC Championship!!!