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O C T O B E R!!!!!!

It’s my favorite month. It’s the start of the holiday season. It’s time for all my favorite fall things. Yes, I’m sitting shotgun in the pumpkin bandwagon. I love pumpkin butter, salsa, baking, cookies, hard cider, ice cream, coffee, savory, sweet, and anything in between. And oh yes…the Starbucks.

It’s the time when the summer heat that grips the South in misery for 6 months finally gets kicked in the butt by the lovely North wind. And football. Of course. The Third Saturday in October is an event that we wait all year for.

Pinterest, get ready. I bet you double your traffic hits this year. Starting today.

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Also, teaching Kindergarten just brings out the kid in me. They get so excited! Never mind that I might encourage that by putting up orange lights, glowing pumpkins, play Halloween party music, and start reading pumpkin/Halloween books today.

30 days of hot coffee drinking, turtleneck wearing, scarf carrying, football watching, leaves falling, and pumpkin enjoying. I can’t wait!

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