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Farmer’s Market

I have never been to the Tuscaloosa Farmer’s Market. Today, I decided would be a great day to go. I made sure I had plenty of cash on hand and took my grocery bag. This was late in the morning on a cloudy day, but the veggies didn’t matter.

Most of the items available were various greens and jams, preserves, pickles, chow chow, etc. I was hoping for a lot more variety, but maybe I didn’t get there fast enough.

But, I got some spinach, lettuce, and orange preserves made with it’s own juice, according to the nice lady who had a sign “safe for diabetics”. I questioned her thorougly on the use of sugar substitutes and she said she only used peach juice and water.


Check out what I got!


Spinach, orange preserves, green leaf lettuce


Since I was sick with a massive sinus infection, I wanted something cold and icy. What’s better than a smoothie with local grown spinach?


Blueberries, spinach, raspberries, and strawberries. Fruit is frozen so I do not need ice.


Purple! I was surprised at the richness of the spinach. Local spinach was greener and packed a more tasteful punch. I was also extremely surprised that I didn’t mind the extra kick of taste.

I also used the spinach to make a salad. I used spinach and goat cheese, mushrooms, raspberries, and carrots with a warm apple bacon dressing.



I will definitely be back to the Farmer’s Market all summer and fall. I can’t wait for fresh peaches!

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