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Family time at Easter

My Easter weekend was filled with some of my favorite things.

A boy and his bacon.

Photo Apr 19, 9 06 20 AM

Easter Egg dying traditions. These cups are as old or older than I am. They were always the egg-dying cups.


egg cups 4

Watching “stoppin’ Frozen” with J. He called it that because that’s what the girl was trying to do..stoppin the frozen. Smile 


And more fun outside with J hiding and finding eggs.



And of course, the food. Did I get a picture of our wonderful Easter meal? Of course not. I was too distracted by all the food and maybe a gluten-free yeast roll..or 4. Those things were good!

I did, however, enjoy sharing this with Dad. He said he had fun picking the tails off for me while he took care of the rest. I know I had fun eating those tails.

Photo Apr 19, 9 00 12 PM

Another family holiday together. Ready for another one!

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