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Fall creeping in

How do I know this? It’s not the leaves slowly changing colors and starting to abandon the trees. Not even the crisper mornings. Football, maybe. But I got a little bit of thrill when I saw the signs in my local Target. It’s the return of this.


Yes, it’s the Pumpkin Spice. And I’m sure it’s gluten-free enough for me. I spent way too much time researching this only to find that Starbucks’ official statement is that they cannot guarantee a gluten-free production line so they cannot make the “gluten-free” statement. The actual ingredients in this are gluten-free so I took a risk. I know. Not smart considering that Play Doh and a square centimeter of communion bread caused big obvious reactions. I’m happy to say that I had some minor bloating from this and it could have easily been the dairy or sugar, both of which I can deal with. Yay fall!!!

Another sign of fall. FINALLY getting the back porch finished. All that is left is the painting and screening. The painting is starting today!

IMG_5993 IMG_5994 IMG_5996

Today is going to be a LONG DAY. We have an all day training session at school. Then a much needed manicure. And PTO meeting. And then I get to come home and drown in some bubble to read this. Another sign of fall is the September release of my absolute favorite series. I just spent a few weeks re-reading the other 33 books in the series so I’m ready for the 34th installment! It’s hard to believe I began reading these over 10 years ago while still living in Memphis.

Happy Tuesday!

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