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Estes Park…..Colorado Day 10

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The first night, we got in late and had a great dinner at Poppy’s Pizza. Later, we settled in with a fire going and watched an incredibly scary movie called The Strangers. I wouldn’t recommend it if you are often home alone, like when your husband works night shift. Yeah, that one is going to haunt me.

We’ve stayed in this exact room in the past and I can always count on the complimentary gift bag. Chocolate, popcorn, coffee.  

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And when I was here a few years ago, I sent my mother a phone pic of this tub. We share a profound love for lots of bubbles and sinking in chin-level with a good book. This time around, if I sent her this pic, she would send me a phone pic of her OWN garden tub she now has in her new home. Its funny how both of us had big kitchens and deep tubs as top priorities in choosing/designing new houses. I signed the contract on my house before I even saw the rest of the house. I saw the kitchen and read that it had a garden tub and that was all I needed.

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Today was a lazy day. Stephen fished, I enjoyed the back deck overlooking the stream and a nice stream side run. Then we went into town to do a little shopping.


This candy store had a lot of jars with all kinds of candy, especially those that you can’t find everywhere. And the range of candy twists (like peppermint hard sticks but all different flavors) was mind-boggling. We picked up some salt water taffy, sour patch kids, jawbreakers, and those wrapped strawberry candies with the gushy centers.



But the highlight of the day was the wildlife! Elk, mountain goats, and deer.

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Poppy’s Pizza, Estes Park Colorado
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