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Elvira’s back!

2017-05-23 22.28.36

How’s that for a morning wake-up call? They were slow, but I enjoy slow quiet runs in the morning.

2017-05-22 06.33.03

On some days, I am worse that that 2 year old. I morph straight into Traumatic 3’s.

2017-05-23 19.59.14

It’s been almost a whole month without Elvira but now she’s back home. New hood, new grill, new bumper, new headlamps, and my BAMA tag is toast so they had to remove it. They also cleaned and detailed the inside and waxed the outside. The new-car smell is back to lie to me that my car is new. I know it’s almost a year old, but she smells like new money, new bills.

2017-05-23 19.59.39

The back was still holding my favorite jeans that I forgot and the crumpled remains of my BAMA tag. They did try to fix it, but it was shattered.  I just want to make it through summer without anything else going wrong in our life.

2017-05-23 20.02.12

Just like the night I had the near-catastrophe on the interstate, Stephen offered to grill something. I went with burgers so I could have something for lunch next week. These were perfect and I wish I had 19 more of them.

3 more days of school. They will DRAG by.

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