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Down Home Running

feb 9

It was a beautiful morning for running. Foggy. I love foggy mornings. My worn-in Sauconys got a great workout.


A few hours later, we had some big changes on the pole barn home. Concrete foundation is finished! They started around 7 this morning and they are now doing all that polishing stuff. With a foundation, it’s now looking REAL. We just might pull this thing off.


Guess what? My sister is having a baby sibling for Monkey. He’s so excited. He asked Santa for a baby brother and it looks like the Jolly fat guy answered Winking smile

2017-02-06 21.22.03

All I have thought about today is SCANDAL!! #teamfitz

Image result for scandal season 6

If anybody could make me want to be a girly princess girl instead of a dark soul boots-n-black wearing girl, it’s Olivia Pope. I would wear her heels if I thought they would make my ass look like hers.

Unfortunately, my husband is stuck with this.

Image result for my favorite color black meme

Because this is as close to Olivia Pope I will ever get.

2016-05-10 22.25.48-2

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