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Don’t taze me! Black Friday 2011

We survived. Not only did we survive, we scored some great deals and had a ton of laughs with this little guy.


After I voiced my disappointment in how the morning got started, things got a lot better. By better, I mean we didn’t die, get shot, trampled, or woke up in a tub of ice with a vital organ removed and a note to give to medics.

After picking up some ornaments, we finally made it to the mall. The mall opened at 4am and this year, we didn’t get in that line. I think it’s because we have a baby shopping with us. Maybe we’re just old now. Or maybe we just recently realized we could lose a limb in crap like this? Or someone else was going to die if one of us got the pepper spray? It wasn’t too long ago that we looked like this waiting for Cracker Jacks and Hershey’s kisses outside of department stores, tearing into the package like a rat on a cheeto hoping for the BIG PRIZE…25% off entire purchase.


We shopped at another store and let the crowd die down at the mall. It was good thinking on our part because people got crazy up in that place. I had already read about the nutjob who pepper sprayed the crowd at a Wal-Mart somewhere. I read about a tazing over waffle irons.  I know in previous years (30something) there are always reports of someone doing something stupid on Black Friday, but this year seemed a little more insane than others.

However, the deals were worth it. I stocked up on candles, bath stuff, clothes, running gear, and a Crock pot. It seems that the door buster sale meant buying a new crockpot was about 20$ cheaper than paying for a replacement lid for my old one.

Yankee Candles are splurges for Christmas. During the year, I burn cheapo candles every once in a while. Once the heat sets in (May), I don’t add any more heat to the house. That includes candles and breathing. But I love candles at Christmas while I have the lights on and it’s a frosty 55 outside. I had a coupon for buy 2 get 2 free and I took full advantage of those.

Bath and Body Works. I was a little disappointed. Their new scents do not appeal to me. I do not need fizzy strawberry. I do not need jazzed up vanilla. If I wanted electric apple, I would hot wire my honeycrisp wasting away in my fridge. After dodging the lady who was hosing down everyone, I found my way to the aromatherapy where I was delighted to find my favorites.

Sleep bubble bath to help me sleep. Stress relief bubbles to help me breathe when my body is tackled by a sinus infection. I’m not sure how eucalyptus could mean anything but “breathe through your nose without the need for the baby snot sucker”, but apparently B&BW thinks it’s for stress. I won’t argue. Those socks in that picture…free. Yep. I had a coupon for spend 10 bucks get something free. I picked the socks with the grippers on the bottom. They keep me from breaking out in the Tom Cruise underwear and hairbrush slide. Trust me, nobody needs to witness that.

bubbles candle

After lunch, we went to Target. I won’t lie. I had the urge to do some sit ups on the round ball things outside like the Crazy Target Lady.


After we dragged our tired butts home, we finished watching the LSU-Arkansas game and got busy decorating Momma’s tree. Then we introduced Jackson to one of Momma’s dancing Santas. At first, he wasn’t too sure about all that.


Then he decided, from a distance, ol’ Santa was amusing.


And finally, he got close enough to really investigate the jolly red guy. Not my dad, the other Santa.


One more family after-Thanksgiving shopping trip is in the record books. Now it’s time to look forward to Christmas.

Oh yes I am.
Snow….in Alabama…in November?

buster trigg

Monday 28th of November 2011

girl you are a hoot and as usual you are right-daddy luvs.

buster trigg

Monday 28th of November 2011

by the way great pics i think you missed your calling