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Doctor, Doctor, give me some news.

I should have clarified “good news”.

2014-07-17 09.49.51

After x-rays, I’ve landed myself with pneumonia in one lung. I’ve been banished to rest duty. And yes, I’m going to wallow in it. This is my 2nd week of marathon training. I’m NEVER sick in the summer, so this is big surprise. My eating has been back on track and I’ve been cooking up loads of freezer meals before school starts. And now this will set my way WAY back. I’m not happy.

I got my shots and got home in time to start working on this. I know from experience that these shots give me about 8 hours of good relief and tons of energy before the big face plant. I want a clean house before my life stops and I’m a mess of naps, drooling, hot showers, and hiding from the man with the Vicks.

2014-07-16 09.37.22

Don’t my floors need mopping?



Gee, thanks. I just mopped them.

I’ve decided to get a steam mop to help with this 8-9 years of wax build up from the nice shine stuff I put on after I mop. It appears the shine shellac is useless now. But I have no idea about steam mops.

[Tweet “Steam mop advice needed!”]

After I reached the end of my cleaning rope, it was time to hear Nick Saban finish out the last day of SEC Media Days. Football is almost here which means my Saturdays will have meaning again.

2014-07-17 11.30.39

The only problem is someone on the NETWORK mic was either heavy breathing or snoring. I checked Twitter to make sure it wasn’t ME doing all the noise. It got irritating after about 10 minutes. Stephen believes the good’un wearing the mic had just finished off 4 plates at the seafood buffet and didn’t realize how heavy his breathing sounded. The the guy started whispering during Saban’s speech. I had enough of this.

It stopped about 2 minutes later. All was right in my Football haze/cough-med-induced world again.

Did any of my paleo friends hear the bomb dropped by Whole 30?


I thought I would celebrate this decision.

It’s no secret that I want potatoes and potato soup when I’m sick and can’t swallow or breathe normally.

2014-07-17 17.59.23

This is an 11 oz steak next to a gargantuan potato. I may have went a little overboard, but I knew I couldn’t finish all this and would save half for lunch tomorrow.

2014-07-17 20.23.57

After this fabulous meal, I passed out again. By dinner time, just getting up for more salt make me break out into a sweat. I hate lung infections. I really do.

So, mops. Steam mops. Anybody got a favorite?
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