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Friday Day 8-ICU and possibly the turning point

When we went in at 6, he was bright eyed and busy tailed…but for about 5 minutes, then he was back under. I ran some stairs and then went to eat my usual breakfast of eggs, grits, 2 bacon. Amazingly, I had managed to drop 2 lbs this week. Eating a high protein breakfast was part of the reason. I did miss my oatmeal, though.

Thursday we were introduced to Judd and Nice Bryce with no Lice (such a long story..Monica’s kids were glad to see her and were all hugging up on her her…and she found out most of those kids had been sent home with notes for lice. I told her that dad’s night nurse had no lice, but his name rhymes with lice…we were delirious at that point so bear with me). Bryce was still on night shift and told us that he had been moving off and on all night and he could grip hands and blink on command!!! He could hear and understand what we were saying. He couldn’t talk, but he was awake.

We called Monica and told her. She was so excited and was counting the hours until she could get here Friday night. Only…she left at 9 this morning and waltzed in before the 2 visit. When she saw him, I think she knew that he would be okay. We all felt a huge weight lifted today.

Tonight, Mom took us to Sal and Mookie’s. It’s a Jackson only swanky cool homeade pizza and ice cream place. We got a wheat crust gyro with feta and spinach. HOLY SHIT it was good. The salad of mixed greens and olives with their own dressing was outstanding. I could eat just that! Then the 3 of us split an oreo heaven in a bowl. I can’t describe the goodness here because it might raise my sugar level. I have pics to prove it. And I will be returning to this place. I think it replaced the Ding How-in-the-hell-do-you-kill-cats-Chinese Restaurant which was always my favorite until the health department raided their freezers.

That reminds me…dad is taking insulin while in the hospital. His levels are really high. I hope it’s the medicine and not a permanent condition jump started by all the other stuff going on.

We had a visit from a local celebrity. Not visiting us, just coming back to the hidden area where we were. She is a news anchor for the nbc affiliate. Marsha Thompson. Monica and I have been away long enough that we didn’t recognize her, but we were very nice to her anyway. She and her grown son came back there and crashed into the two recliners. We turned off the lights and she raised up, wet face, and thanked us for doing that. We vividly remembered our first day in ICU. And we remember the nice people who helped us out.

Nick was back on duty for Friday night so it was quiet and we had free reign to use the air mattresses. I was very restless so I didn’t go immediately to sleep. I should have read or done some picture work, but I played bejeweled blitz instead. I’m such a loser sometimes.

But maybe in a way, it was a way for me to enjoy some of the relief we were feeling. It was the first night where I think all 3 of us went to sleep knowing in the back of our heads that he would be ok. It would be a while, but he would be okay.  And thats all that mattered.

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