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Thursday Day 7-ICU…and a glimmer

He opened his eyes. I mean really opened his eyes. He was still on vent, still so sick, but he had moments during the day when he would open them for a brief few seconds and go back under.

That’s all I have to say for today. We have waited so long, and this is all there needs to be said for today.

UPDATE: Okay, I just HAD to report this. We have a new night nurse and she is ridiculously OCD. She first refused to put out linens after the last visit. Deedee and Nick bring the cart with the linens to the front so we can get them when we return. Well, when I asked about them, she said “I’ll bring them when I do a count”. okay…hmmm.

Then…as we are waiting for the blankets, she decides to “straighten up” a bit. She touches and moves a milimeter EVERY STINKIN” CHAIR in the area. She would have come into our sacred rectangle if I had not put my feet in her path. She stood there and looked over our area and I promise her hands were tingling to touch our chairs. But she nodded a few times and said “okay…well…okay those are fine” to herself and then she flitted back to the front desk. Folks, we got us a live one tonight.

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