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Wednesday Day 6-ICU

We had a visit from Cruella today. She waltzed in and told us that we should be aware that the back area was for families with little kids so they don’t bother the visitors in the main room and so they can watch THAT Tv (nevermind that there are 4 other huge TV’s in the main room). I turned my head very so slowly and read the sign that said “No children under the age of 12 in this area” and in my best smartass tone said “Oh really?Hmm….Okay……” She totally ignored my sarcasm. After she left, mom asked “why in the world would she say that? There are no families with kids. We are not even watching the TV nor have we told anybody they CANT watch the tv”  When Monica came back from visiting with dad, we told her and she yelled “I TOLD YOU SHE WAS CRAZY!!!”  I think she’s bi-polar. The way she swings one way to the other is very frightening.

We are very thrilled with the desk clerks. Deedee and Nick are GREAT! Very pleasant voices when using the intercom, which is used a LOT to call families to the phone, or for doctors. One common thread with EVERY person staying in the ICU Waiting is that intercom. Every time it buzzes on, all talk and motion freeze for the split seconds before the name is called. That’s why we love Deedee and Nick. Their voices are soft, not grating, not harsh, and almost slowly slides over the talk and rhythm of the day.  And, they are just nice. It’s hard being away from some form of home, and they make it so much easier. One funny story, Monica needed some sticky notes. She asked deedee “Do you have an abundance of sticky notes or are they like something you TREASURE. I know some places guard the stickys”. Deedee leaned back and opened a door to stacks of purple notes and handed Monica 3 of them.

Today was the day Monica and I were leaving for a few days. Monica has a new teaching job and needed to work and I was going back to go to the dr. but would be back by the 11 visit on Thursday. Momma decided she was going to go to work for a few hours!! That made us both feel better. When….WHEN he goes to a room, he will need people to help him because regular nurses won’t be as available as his ICU nurses. We decided to eat at our favorite Mexican place for lunch before she and I headed north and east. I had a chimichanga. It was sinfully good.

The doctor took blood tests (outrageous WBC count), lung x-rays (cloudy, but manageable) and flu swab (negative!).  I told him where I had been and he didn’t jack around. He got me in and tested and shot up (2 recephen and 1 decadron, all in the ass) and out the door in an hour. I was home and asleep by 7:30.

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