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Tuesday Day 5-ICU

Tuesday dawned the same as Monday. I got up and couldn’t stand the closed in walls and bad dreams. I was wearing running tights anyway, so I threw on a shirt and went for a run. It was still dark out and I noticed a sidewalk all along N. State st. I took off that direction. I passed the bus stop full of smoking interns. As I got closer to the ER parking guy, he stopped me and asked if I would be coming back that way and if I was, he would just kinda stand around and keep a watch. I ran about 3-3.5 miles at a slow pace. I just needed to breathe some air.

He wasn’t any better. Just lying there and doing nothing. He was partially breathing on his own, but nothing else.

We were kinda down today. It passed rather quietly. We napped a bit. Mom had some visitors from work who wanted to take her to lunch. They brought us a HUGE basket full of snacks and drinks. Monica had some visitors from Siwell CoC. I slept through it all. I wasn’t feeling that great and I was hoping it was just sinus crap again. I was taking the tamiflu so it shouldn’t be that.

At the lunch visit, Dr. Middleton told us he was making progress and we couldn’t see it yet, so GO AWAY. He told us to get out of the hospital and they would call us if anything changed. He firmly believed dad was just resting in a deep sleep trying to fight off the shit that was attacking him. He said it might be a few days until he starts waking up and there was nothing we could do but sit and go crazy. So GO AWAY NOW!

After mom came back and told us where she went for lunch (Keifers), Monica was rather jealous. I had no idea what it was, so Mom told us to walk back across the street with her and we could eat lunch and she would just walk with us. WOW. Gyros. Amazing stuff when made with some kind of cucumber sauce. They had this fried potato thing that was really good and I only had half a slice but it was not too greasy. I had half a gyro and some white bean chili which was just like the chili from Ruby Tuesday.

We then decided to keep walking a bit because it was a gorgeous day and we had plenty of time until time to see him again. We went back to walgreens. Ha, who would ever think that shopping at walgreens would be the highlight of the day? Monica talked me into buy the first book of the Twilight series. I have not started it yet, but she bought a copy and RE-READ the darn thing again over the next few days. She never re-reads a thing. I know I’m missing something, but I was too restless to sit and read anything long. I caught up on mom’s trashy novels. Some things never change.

Dinner that night was peaceful and we felt a lot better after being outside for awhile. I knew I had to go back to AL the next day in time to go to the doctor. It seemed the sinus infection was taking over again.

All we needed now was for him to start making some signs that he was with us.

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