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Daily Hmmmm…Late to the press!

~ Today is National Chocolate Brownie Day!!!

~ New School lunch bill passed. Good news is better food for kids at school. So-so news is school fundraisers may now be severely limited. I know first hand how much we depend on these fundraisers. I’ll be racking up on the cheese popcorn next time a Boy Scout crosses my path.

~ SNOW IN ALABAMA!!!!! Just not where I live or teach. This really hurts my heart. I live for snow. I just want to see it fall. A random shower! IS that too much to ask!!???

~ Tis the season for deer auto accidents. More people are killed from accidents involving deer than accidents involving alcohol. I’ve already had too many close calls at 5am.

~ I want to tell some people to yank the reindeer out of their butt and just be NICE to people, even if just for a couple more weeks. BE NICE!!

~ As a huge Grinch fan, last night’s Glee episode now ranks in the top 5. I still believe and so does Cindy Lou Who and Brittany.




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