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Daily Hmmmm…..12.18.11

~ Why do I picture Penn State in the Northwest when I know Pennsylvania is in the Northeast?

~ the Christmas decorations are going up at school today. I can’t deny it any longer. The commercials are out in full swing so it’s time to break out the lights.

~ I have a very unhealthy addiction to my Christmas lights. I had them on at 5:00 this morning.

~ Watching finish line marathon youtube videos is not a good idea. Many of them are “hitting the wall” type.

~ Day 6 of no/low carbs. I’m not hungry and I’m not eating. This can’t be good. That diet is over and fruit is back on the plate today. Total weight lost-11lbs. Carb cravings—zip. none. Sugar cravings. gone.

~ Now I won’t be giving out this card.



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