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Daily Hmmm…Fruitcake 12.21.11

~ If it’s raining this hard, the only place I want to be is asleep.

~ Operation Extreme Makeover, Classroom edition starts in one hour.

~ I’m a little too excited about cleaning up my classroom. I need to get this excited about cleaning the “office” in my house. Office is the correct term for a room full of stuff I don’t use, right?

~ I want to make a macaroon. I don’t even want to eat one, just make one. And meringues. Still no desire to make this.


~ I’m eyeing an April marathon. Somebody shoot me.

~ Waiting to click register for Twisted Ankle half. in May

~ Running and eating. I think that’s a great combination. If I didn’t run, I would develop the best bleacher a$$ this side of the Mississippi.

~ As much as I love the baking and tasting, I’m looking forward to cleaner eating next week.

~ I love this commercial


Happy holidays! Merry Christmas!

Gingerbread Cocoa
A sweet treat and a card game.