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Daily Hmmm…10.12.11

~ insomnia? Nope. Coma sleeping. I was out and didn’t move until 6.

~ Frankie is about to lose his end-of-bed sleeping privileges.

~ Biggest Loser just makes me sad this season.

~ What to do with leftover figs? They are coming close to resembling the nasty squishy toe jam (literally) bombs I remember from my childhood fig tree.

~ I can’t watch the news today. I need a break hearing how the world is crap.

~ I’m too excited about Food Network Iron Chef America show coming up. I actually have the reminder in my phone. Go ANNE!!!!

~ breakfast of champions-protein.


Busy day coming up. School, haul away 4 years of stuff to Salvation Army, dinner with family and church—if I can sit through it without coughing. Happy Wednesday!

Slow day, easy night
It all started with a vision

Sarah (Running To Slow Things Down)

Wednesday 12th of October 2011

Biggest Loser has been making me sad as well. And they need to mix up the Blue Team with the others somehow, because it just seems totally unfair.

Your breakfast looks delicious. And I love your mug. :D


Wednesday 12th of October 2011

I agree. The blue team needed support. It's a wake up call for sure


Wednesday 12th of October 2011

throw the figs in the freezer and make jam whenever you want. Great Xmas present. Let me know if you need a recipe.