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Countdown to Thanksgiving!

The day before Thanksgiving is so hectic!

This year is different in a few ways. First, I’m still struggling with health problems. Second, I’m hosting a very casual dinner at my house. Third, the next 4 days will require a lot of adjustments in trying to survive my first holiday trying to eat gluten-free.

The first dinner at my house is for our Alabama relatives.

After we eat, I’m hitting the road to Mississippi for my side of the family. These ALL have to be gluten-free. We will have our Friday shopping trip and then the traditional Thanksgiving meal on Saturday.

  • gumbo
  • pecan pie
  • biscuits
  • cookie bars.

I’ve also researched potential restaurants for eating out on Black Friday, but that’s a whole other post.

After a busy morning of shuffling around, whining because blinking hurts my ribs, and flailing attempts a dusting, I managed to get a the table set. It looks a little festive, huh? And yes, that is Thanksgiving table setting in the middle of Christmas decorations. I like it, don’t judge my mingling of the holidays. I believe in merging cells, not splitting cells.


Now it’s time to crash and hope I get to see some of the parade tomorrow! I love the parade. What I don’t love are the new balloons that I do not recognize. It makes me feel really old. However, I recognize this guy…

The Coughing is still really annoying….
I still have my kidneys-Black Friday 2012