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Coming Up in February

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This is the month in which Alabama gets to decide if crippling winter is coming or the arrival of way-too-early spring. In most cases, we get surprised by severe record-breaking cold snaps. Other years, we are wearing flip flops by Valentine’s Day.

On those early spring years, it’s a little hard to experiment with winter recipes. However, I’m still planning warm comforting winter meals because the rest of the country is still enjoying winter. The southeast is ready for the grill and salads. We know July will be here soon enough and nobody wants to eat anything after the 4th. We’re giving in to the misery of humidity and drinking our calories and sorrows away.

This transition from winter to spring usually causes some strange desire to spring clean. I haven’t even fully cleaned from the holidays. But, I have a nice schedule that works if I actually stick to it.

Guilty TV pleasures. I’m so not afraid to admit I binge-watch Love After Lockup. The first season is especially great.

Running in the cold while trying to build a significant base. Fun times.

And finally, Keto for beginners. I’m so far removed from the keto diet, I feel like a beginner. I added so much sugar to my hot chocolate last night. It was criminal. And so good. But I feel so bad lately. I’ve had the flu and I’m still having trouble with my lungs. I also feel like I’m in a constant battle fighting off the other things going around my classroom: strep, stomach virus, and sinus infections.

Happy February!

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