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Christmas Eve Shenanigans

I have 8 hours to get stuff done. We are leaving later tonight to spend the evening with Stephen’s family and have a big Christmas breakfast in the morning. Today, I’m on critical Christmas watch. I have stuff to do and no elves to help. Stephen is working and Frankie doesn’t have thumbs.

But first..a bright spirit. This is Snowball hot chocolate. In a crock pot, mix milk, heavy cream, vanilla, a dash of Cake Batter spice, and White chocolate chips. Let it cook on low 2 hours. Pour in a cup. Drink liquid heaven. Add some Bailey’s for a kick.

2015-12-22 12.12.43-2

Now it’s time to clean the house so I can turn around and mess it all up again.


Time to wrap some presents. Yes, those are zip ties.

2015-12-24 14.40.29-1

Try out my last piece of the Kitchen Trifecta. (Mixer, Blender, Food processor).

2015-12-22 12.27.23

Pause for a movie. This quote is wrong, and I just noticed that. “It came without ribbons. It came without TAGS.”

2015-12-24 15.00.18

The days flew by and I’m already a little sad. Once the big day is gone, I always have a little post-holiday blues going on. I just love this whole season beginning way back in late September. I love fall and all the holidays that go along with it. After Christmas, I’ll have some bowl games and then it’s praying for a snowflake until March. Spring flies by with races and trips and then its time to melt into summer. The older I get, the faster the days go by.

So, I’m enjoying the small moments. Each and every one of them!

Weekend Holiday Fun
It’s a very merry Running Christmas!!