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Changing plans

First things first:

RR: 3.5 miles on the dreadmill

Fasting sugar: 128

I used to be an all or nothing kinda girl. One might say I had (have?) control issues. I would start a day with all my ducks in a row, meals planned, workouts scheduled, classroom ready, clothes iron and laid out…okay I don’t always IRON, more like throw in the dryer with a wet washcloth, but the point is the same :D. If one thing went wrong, I would throw out all my plans and say “maybe tomorrow”. I did that for 5 years post graduate school and put on a lot of weight. That’s way too many “tomorrows”.

These days, I find myself slipping back to that mentality. The past 4 months have been rough, to say the least and when everything around me is out of control, I focus way too much on unrealistic expectations in regards to my food, workouts, and job.  I have to have everything perfect or I feel horrible and go the opposite direction—scrapping the whole day and eating not so good for me food and blowing off a workout. I have to give myself a break, though. Nov-Jan wore me down and I’ve been sick. But, I’m feeling better now and I’m ready for stability. Now that things seem to be settling into more of a routine, I see how my need for perfection is actually dangerous to my health. I have many more years to live with diabetes—still hoping for a cure but being realistic in the meantime. Many diabetics are not diagnosed until their 50’s. I was 31. I have to keep my sugar levels stable. Not an option, have to. HAVE TO.

So, that in mind, I woke up this morning and didn’t have anything planned. Not one thing. But I quickly threw some things together for the day. I usually plan more food than I’ll eat, but I want to have a variety available for me depending on what my sugar level tells me and what I feel like eating. I have a fridge at school so anything I don’t eat can stay there.

First thing, I had some broccoli slaw that needs eating. I made a dressing of greek yogurt, dill/herbs/lemon juice and fresh paper. I would have sold a toenail for some tzatziki, but I was out and I *still* haven’t had a chance to go to Whole Paycheck Market (aka..whole foods)


The rest includes:

  • leftover chili with wild rice
  • sliced orange
  • carrots with almond butter
  • grapes
  • turkey/cheddar roll-ups
  • apple
  • cheese stick


I ate everything but the carrots and apple. I’ll have those tomorrow!

After I got lunch packed, I heated up some quiche for breakfast. I ate it (just the filling, no crust) with a half glass of oj. I’ll say here that I love this plate. It’s from Crate & Barrel.


Now, tonight was all planned out. I had everything ready except the wine and I don’t think shrimp scampi is worth the effort without some excellent wine to cook with.

So, I decided to go with a favorite—soup. I’ve got some Amy’s Organic Minestrone can soup that I’ve been meaning to try. Why? For one thing, I can read, pronounce, and comprehend the ingredient label. All organic veggies, wheat pasta, and water. It was GOOD!! I had it with another small piece of quiche and some pineapple.


All in all, it was a good day even with the ever changing plans.

Today I feel like bonding with Lola.
Snow day?? That means one thing….Shrimp!!

Sarah (Running to Slow Things Down)

Friday 12th of February 2010

I think a lot of us deal with trying to be perfect...all. of. the. time. But that's not humanly possible, nor is it very enjoyable. I have to constantly remind myself that there is beauty in imperfection, and that everything sort of balances out in the long run. :D

And you know, the best means to fight diabetes is with a healthy diet and exercise. These lifestyle changes do *wonders.* Although sometimes medicine is required in the long run, some people claim that lifestyle is the best "drug" overall. Keep it up girl!!! :D