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Netflix and (Tread)Mill

We can all agree that running forever on a treadmill can be mentally exhausting. It’s the proverbial hamster-in-the-wheel feeling that makes it more awful than it really has to be. That’s why I love a good Netflix and ‘Mill session. I’m usually wasting a good 15 minutes before my run scrolling through Netflix trying to …

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Running Recap May 22-28

I’m slowly building base miles after the week of IT band torture. This was the last week of school and that means some stress miles happened. I still don’t have a hard and fast training plan or race scheduled. Until I get school out of the way, I’m just wallowing along. Tuesday-5 miles Thursday-3 miles …

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Choosing the Right Running Shoes

Choosing the right running shoes is like choosing paint colors. It can be mind-numbing. But, it’s also very important to make sure that your shoes are not causing running injuries that plague so many new runners. Simply going to a store and pulling a pair off the wall is the recipe for running disaster. Asking …

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Running Recap May 15-21

This was a much better week! Last week, I had to deal with some IT band issues and cranky hip. Things seemed to have settled down and I got in a few more miles this week. Each run was slow and easy. I focused on enjoying running and not hard training. Monday-3miles Wednesday-2.5 miles Thursday-2 …

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Running Recap May 8-14

4 miles. That’s ALL I got this week. I took Monday off to rest up and when I ran Tuesday morning, my IT band seized up bad. It’s been years since I felt this kind of IT pain. I knew from experience to stop running and try to remember all the at-home things my physical …

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Running Recap May 7

It was a pretty good week! I’m still extremely upset that I had to miss the Rock’n’Roll Nashville half marathon. I was in shape for it and I love that city for racing. So now what? I’m meandering around checking out some local races here and there. We are not going out west this summer …

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Running Recap April 16

Got a long trail run in this morning! It feels so good to be back on the dirt, roots, and stones. The race is in 2 weeks and this may be the longest run I get in. 8 miles on my trails is brutal. Monday: 5 miles Tuesday: 5 miles Wednesday: 4 miles Friday: 3 …

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Rock ‘n’ Roll News!!

  I have not said much here in this space, but I have been anxiously waiting for this email from Rock’n’Roll. Being on the team for 2015 and 2016 was an honor that I really can’t put into words. Last year was, without a doubt, my best year of running. 2016 was such a renewal …

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Running Recap Feb 26

This was an unplanned cutback week. Unplanned as in, excessive vomiting means I only ran to the garbage can. No miles Tues-Thurs. Light miles Friday. Nothing this weekend. Monday-4 miles Friday- 2 miles Total: 6 whopping miles. Yeah, well, plans can change quickly around here.

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Wondering About Wellness

As part of our school employee health program, we have to have a Wellness Screening every year. I wasn’t thrilled about this when it first started, but it’s a minor screening and it’s things I need to know every year. Every year, I get a pretty darn good result. Glucose is within range, good cholesterol …

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Can I get a do-over?

Until I actually get the do-over, let’s do a cheer for early morning running. Wow, it’s been a rough week. Between current events with our President and immigration to dealing with an awful Flu and stomach virus attack in Kindergarten, I just want to cover my head for the weekend. Love love these shoes. Saucony …

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Running Recap Feb 12

This week. Monday: 3.1 miles Tuesday: 2 miles Wednesday: 4 miles Thursday: 2.3 miles Saturday: 4 miles Sunday: 4 miles Total: 19.4 miles. I will take that and a bag of low-sodium chips. Currently training: Rock’n’Roll Dallas on my birthday weekend. If you want to join the fun, use code KATRINARUNS for a $15 discount!

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Down Home Running

It was a beautiful morning for running. Foggy. I love foggy mornings. My worn-in Sauconys got a great workout. A few hours later, we had some big changes on the pole barn home. Concrete foundation is finished! They started around 7 this morning and they are now doing all that polishing stuff. With a foundation, …

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Rock ‘n’ Roll Applications!

Do you love racing? Do you love bling? Do you love traveling to races and bling?   Then now is the time to apply for Rock’nRoll Marathon race series Rock’n’Blog Team. What do we do? Talk about our favorite races on the Rock’n’Roll Tour stops. We talk a LOT about running, training runs, running gear, …

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