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Bye Breckenridge, Hello Aspen

The last day of Breckenridge was uneventful. We drove down to a favorite little town of Frisco and enjoyed the gorgeous weather.

We also spent a LOT of time looking for firewood to buy. This is such a long story.

1. We started at City Café in Breckenridge. $3.59 per .75 cubic foot.

2. Drove to Silvercreek and Dillon, stopping at every Walmart, Lowe’s, and many gas stations.

3. Stopped at the Forestry Service. They didn’t have any.

4. Lunch at Chipotle!


5. More searching for firewood. Go to Frisco. Found a link for a guy who sells it wholesale and will go as low as a quarter chord of wood (approx. 37 cubic feet). Sounds great!

6. Make room in back of truck for a quarter chord to make sure we can haul it.

7. Decide to skip that route and just buy a few bundles from City Market instead of hauling that much weight over Independence Pass to Aspen. Hope for more wood in Aspen.

8. Go back to Breckenridge on the way to condo and get 10 bundles, enough for Aspen, but not enough for Telluride.

Now, for the good stuff. Food and scenery pictures.

First, I found the best gluten free cookies I’ve had in the past year. These are from Mary’s Cookies.



Frisco, Colorado









Dinner was at Downstair’s at Eric’s again. I wanted a big pizza and the were rumored to have the best gluten free pizza in town. They also had something I cannot find in Alabama….Raspberry cider. Our waitress asked us where we were from after she saw Stephen’s ID. She is from Tuscaloosa. She grew up in Tuscaloosa and came to Colorado a few years ago and has loved it every since. How cool is that? breck35


After today, we drive a while to Aspen for a few days of camping!

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