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Busy Saturday or the adventures of boiled okra.

Today was busy with visiting family (and being at the mercy of another cook) and watching games. I only got a small 2 mile run in, so that’s the boo hiss of the day. I was hoping for more miles and more weights. Life gets in the way a lot, it seems.

Fasting B.S-129–whywhywhy?

Breakfast-1 slice of bacon, 1egg +1 egg white, wheat toast.

Lunch-truly nothing but vegetable soup-the vegetables on hand were corn, butterbeans, tomatoes, and okra. I’m not crazy about okra in soup, but it was definitely better for me than anything fast on the road. I tried to keep thinking that while the slimy stuff was sitting in my bowl. I tried not to think about snot or oysters. My gag reflex was in full swing so I didn’t eat a lot of if.

Dinner-Game Nachos!!!! Extra lean ground beef, black beans, tomatoes, chilis, spices. Pour over multigrain chips, and use cheese sauce (not so good for me even if made with skim milk) OR sprinkle a fraction of pepper jack. I opted for the cheese sauce.

Post dinner B.S-187. Im pleased with that one since I had chips.

Sleeping in on a Friday!
Lazy Sunday with a headache that is about to leave me begging for a short death