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Brrr…bring on the tea

So, I went to the dr finally. Sinus infections do not magically disappear. It’s Friday and I’ve got the whole weekend ahead of me!!

I wanted tea. I wanted spice tea. Williams’ Sonoma mulling spices should do the trick. Add my own tea and it’s excellent for a sore throat and achy head.

jan 6

I put some chicken and vegetables in the crock pot. I seared the chicken in some sage first and threw in some potatoes carrots and mushrooms. I love crock pot cooking.


A side salad of spinach and goat cheese with warm bacon dressing and almonds. If you had asked me 6 weeks ago if I would be eating…..goat cheese, I would have laughed. The stuff is so good.


Nothing to see, keep on moving, just some pasketti.
Here we go ‘round the Vertigo bush….