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Birthday Hangover and Whole 30:D9

Well, it’s the dawning of a new year. I can safely say that my previous year was the best I can remember. I got some health goals accomplished, a running goal or two (Half Fanatic #5372 present and accounted for!), but nada on CrossFit goals. If anything, this is the area I have the most work to do. Guess I’ll get busy on that. I have 364 more days to work on it. I’ll work out the specifics soon. I do better with specific details instead of overall “get better and stop being a big fat baby about the stupid box for jumps because nobody really needs their shin skin anyway..” Or something like that.

If I have any regrets of moments of sadness about my birthday, it would be the whole biological clock still ticking even when the system failure alert has been heard loud and clear. I don’t see babies and weep or anything, its more of a “what if” type of thing. I firmly believe in playing the hand I’m dealt and I know I won’t look back and feel like I wasted my years. We are making the most of every year living out some dreams.  I just had some wondering moments yesterday. But then again..there is this..

The 30 Best Someecards for Infertility + IVF

(or adopt you…whichever happens first Winking smile )

Check this out. Sophomore year of high school. I’m #31 but what I find very interesting is that I have a semi-answer for the chiropractor I once saw. It seems my ridiculously curved spine has been around since at least sophomore year of HS. And  this would explain how I  cracked the growth plate in my hip during my senior year.

2014-03-18 16.41.37

Long story/condensed version: a few years ago, I lost feeling in my arm starting with my shoulder and working down. I asked for recommendations for a chiro. He did the first time x-rays and measurements and asked a TON of questions after. Then he showed me the x-rays and I had a minor meltdown. Stage 4 (out of 5) scoliosis. It was bad.

He said he had no idea how I was walking normal and there is no medical answer for how I could run comfortably. Then he had me come in once a week to try to “fix” my spine. (my arm numbness was just a pinched nerve that he fixed in 5 minutes) It wasn’t long after that my IT Band issues started. I am convinced that when we tried to fix what was NOT broken, no matter how bad the x-rays were, that we brought in problems. I firmly believe my body compensated for my curved spine. That was 5 years ago. After almost a year of 4 x a week with the BEST PT in T-town, I went on to run many half marathons, trail races, and a full marathon. Looking at this picture, it’s obvious that my spine curve (and off balance shoulders/boobs) was around long before I started running as an adult.



Speaking of hangovers, I had one but not from alcohol. Puffy fingers, face, and itchy skin, aching knee joints that all point to the corn from the birthday celebration yesterday. My few chips certainly made a difference and its only been 8 days since I started Whole 30. I call it carb funk.

So, how are things working out after one week? I think pineapple is way too sweet. I still crave white baked potatoes especially with a giant steak next to it. I’m drinking my coffee mostly black. One day, I’m fine with black. The next, I need some coconut milk. It’s a toss up. The best thing has to be that I’m drinking way more water now. If there is one habit to keep from this, it has to be increased water.

Breakfast: Sunrise Scramble

Lunch: chicken, sweet potatoes, green beans


Snack: orange, cashews


Dinner: Shrimp and Kale with roasted tomatoes

 shrimp kale

Happy Birthday to Me!
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