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At last…Breckenridge!

More blue skies and more mountain views!





As we left Colorado Springs, I noticed some land scarring from last year’s wildfire. Thank goodness no wildfires right now. I hope this area can get a rest from them this year. It seems to be cooler and not as dry as last year. I did not get any pictures since we were driving, but there was a little green undergrowth showing on the forest floor.

Each year that we come to Colorado, I get huge motivation to go back to using my beloved Canon for more than just food photography. In the late winter, my enthusiasm for nature and portrait photography practically disappears and I use it only for my food or kitchen prep. But a few weeks out here and I can’t help but get excited about looking up from the kitchen table and taking notice of my world around me. Can you blame me? Look at that sky!

We got to our cabin in the late afternoon. This is the Skier’s Edge about 5 miles outside of Breckenridge. Since we usually travel during the off season, we got a great deal. Two weeks later, the price doubles.

skiers edge

While Stephen went to explore the creek, I went for a quick run. I found snow!

Too bad I didn’t get a picture of me in it. Instead, I got this perfectly boring one in front of trees. Just like I can find in Alabama. And even better, it’s a cell pic. Klassssssy!


After the practice being a Sears photographer, I started the mad search for gluten-friendly restaurants. I assumed a tourist ski town like Breckenridge would have some options and the Breckenridge Brewery certainly did. I got a bison burger on a GF bun and fries from a designated fryer—they are NOT used in the same basket/oil as gluten containing foods like onion rings or chicken strips. The waiter was extremely helpful which alleviates some anxiety on my part. It was fantastic! The bun is my first bite of bread in about 5 months and it was flavorful and hearty.


After a long day of driving and a quick view through town, I’m ready to crash for 12 hours.

The Road to Breckenridge
The Town of Breckenridge