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Ainsley’s Angels of Mississippi and Alabama

If you have NO time, but want to help get jogging strollers to kids and adults who need them, go to these 2 links right now and “Like” those pages.

Looking back on my past 8 years of running, there are a few major turning points that have vividly changed my perspective on running and, really, on life in general. One is the day I started running. Another one is the day I woke up and couldn’t run. That happened for over 9 months. And each day that I woke up, I wondered if that was going to be the day I could safely run without further injury. Another major turning point was when I learned I was a diabetic. Running was back in question, again. With the support of my doctors, I learned to run with this cranky pancreas and although it slows me down, it hasn’t and will not stop me.

It was during one of those dark days of a long-term injury that I found a video about Dick and Rickie Hoyt. If you have a few minutes, watch that video from the Ironman race. Reading and watching the Hoyts helped me gain and keep a new perspective, stay faithful to my physical therapy training, and most of all, remain patient with the process. Maybe I would run again. But maybe I would not. And I had to be ready for that reality.

Thankfully, I did run again. My doctors warned me that I might never be a long distance runner (I am) and I might not be able to do much trailrunning (I do…often), but I would be happy with the shorter distances (I wasn’t). I didn’t set out to prove them wrong, but crossing that marathon finish line and that 4 hour trail race line certainly proved my body could do more than what it was “supposed” to do. But I am not a special snowflake. There are thousands of others just like me who have been told “you can’t” and they respond with “stand back and watch me”.

Ainsley is one of those people.

If you have not heard of Ainsley’s Angels, get ready for something big.

Ainsley’s Angels are athletic ride-along programs created for children, teens, adults and veterans with disabilities who normally would not be able to experience endurance events such as triathlons or road races. To sum it up, we are a volunteer-based service that provides jogger chairs, bike trailers and rafts for anyone who is disabled (Known as Captains) and runners (Known as Angels) to push them in endurance events.

What started out with one little girl and her parents has now spread to 10 states like wildfire. These local chapters raise money, collect Facebook likes, raise awareness, and best of all, match running “Angels” with people who have the heart and desire, but need assistance with the body– “Captains”. The Ainsley’s Angels foundation provides the equipment based on the need within each chapter.

THIS is where I need YOUR help. Go to the next 2 links and LIKE those 2 pages on Facebook.

Mississippi chapter:

Alabama chapter:

Ainsley’s Angels of Mississippi was started this past November by the wife of a friend of mine from high school, Chrisanna Brown Saums, and it has quickly gathered the support of more friends from back home. This is a fast-growing chapter of Ainsley’s Angels and they need more Facebook likes to get another jogging stroller. They have the Angels, they just need the wheels so they can “Roll with the Wind”.

Ainsley’s Angels of Alabama is just now getting off the ground by Vera Spinks, a local mom, CrossFitter, runner and mother to twin girls. She was at New Orleans race and met up with my friends from Mississippi. She came back to Alabama and got busy setting up the central Alabama chapter. Just like Mississippi, this page needs more Facebook likes to get more strollers.

At either of these pages, donations are always welcome. But the point of this big push is to get those Facebook likes.

All “Likes” between now and March 10 will directly towards a goal of a new jogging stroller. Get clicking NOW!!

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